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Top 10 Best Selling Induction Cooktop Under Rs. 3000 in India

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Induction cooktops come with user-friendly features and you can operate them on multiple power levels required by the dish you would be cooking. Some of them come with a pre-set timer feature and sometimes also with a child lock feature that will prevent your kids from fiddling with the settings. The control types of these appliances include pushbuttons, touch panels, and jog dial controls. Induction cooktops are very easy to clean and maintain because you can just use a soft, damp cloth to wipe them. They are space-saving because they don’t occupy much space on your kitchen countertop the way gas stoves do.

You can simply check on Flipkart. We have enlisted the best 10 induction cooktops under Rs. 3000. and buy one by browsing through different brands such as Prestige, Philips, Bajaj, Pigeon, Havells, Butterfly, Preethi, etc.

1. V-Guard VIC 1.6 EL Induction Cooktop 

V-Guard’s VIC 1.6 EL 1600 watt induction cooktop with its elegant crystal glass matte finish design gives you a delightful cooking experience. It comes with 6 Indian cooking functions (Manual, Dosa/Chappathi, Idli, Curry, Deep Fry and Milk) ensuring automatic cooking with a touch of a button. VIC 1.6 EL has a 3-hour Timer function using which you can set the required cooking time depending on the dish you are cooking and it also has a pause function to pause the cooking function at any given time. Its 8 Power (120 W – 1600 W) and Temperature setting (80° C – 240° C) lets you cook a variety of dishes effortlessly. Depending on the dish you are cooking, you can customize the power and temperature settings in order to achieve even cooking. It comes with a 2.5 digit LED display for Energy/Voltage indication and soft switch controls which allows you to control its functions with ease.


Pre-programmed with four Indian style cooking menus, namely Milk, Curry, Dosa or Chapati, and Idli, this induction cooktop is easy to use and efficient. Also, it sports a Manual and Fry mode for added convenience. Featuring soft-switch controls, this induction cooktop can be operated with convenience.

2. PHILIPS HD4928/01 Induction Cooktop

Cooking is not one of those things that come naturally to you. You are so used to this Philips cook top and its simplistic way of cooking that it quickly becomes part of your kitchen culture. There are many advantages to cooking with this cook top. Firstly, it is a lifesaver for people who are terrified. unsure of operating the stove. Made of ceramic, this induction cook top is a great substitute as you are less likely to burn yourself with this. It is also an energy efficient alternative that is much easier to clean that your stove top. Exceedingly simple, this induction cook top comes with a push button that allows you to control its functions with ease. This HD4928 induction cook top from Philips goes the extra milE. in making sure that your cooking needs are taken care of.


If you are in a hurry without a minute to spare, the first thing to be off your to-do list is have breakfast. You don’t have to worry about that anymore as this induction cook top has 6 preset cooking menus which doesn’t require you to waste time adjusting the temperature. For proper functioning, this Philips HD4928 cook top requires a power consumption of 2100 W. You can plug it into a regular 3-round pin and you are all set. The quality and safety of this Philips device needn’t be questioned as it comes with a CB and ROHS compliance. This Philips HD4928 induction cook top is your tool and you are the artist, ready to create their masterpiece.

3. Pigeon Brio+ Induction Cooktop

Tired of managing with your LPG stove? Get this Pigeon induction cooktop and cook all that you want effortlessly. Equipped with a digital timer and a wide base, this induction cooktop will simplify cooking for you.


  • Power Consumption: 2100 W
  • Automatic shut-off: Yes

4. Longway Cruiser IC 2000 W Induction Cooktop

Give a new and refreshing look to your kitchen decor with the elegant design by Longway. The Longway induction cooktop is capable of delivering all the hot and exotic food experiences to you. This induction cooktop designed under the supervision of many professionals. Ensures the quality check and energy efficiency. Just Sit back and enjoy the enhanced level of taste in your food.


Cooking food when your stove runs out of gas is easy with the Longway Cruiser IC 2000 W Induction Cooktop. Its power consumption of up to 2000 W ensures fast and uniform cooking, allowing you to prepare food without wasting time. Also, with up to eight preset menus, this induction cooktop easily lets you prepare various dishes. Furthermore, its LED display lets you know about its temperature and timer settings.

5. BAJAJ Majesty ICX 3 Induction Cooktop

This induction cooktop from Bajaj Majesty makes cooking fun, letting you explore a variety of cooking options with the eight preset menus. The cooktop is stylishly designed with unpolished glass and long life tact switches make it durable and easy to maintain.


The classic Majesty ICX 3 induction cooktop from Bajaj is your ideal kitchen companion to prepare those tasty treats for all your guests. Easy to handle and safe to use, this induction cooker saves you time and energy. This black induction cooktop is made from unpolished glass and has a flat surface. The cooktop has been designed to prevent any entry of water or insects. The controls are laid out on the front and are easy to operate.

6. Blue eagle Infrared Induction Cooktop

The product is powered by a strong 2000-watt infrared heating element that provides rapid heating and precise temperature control. Our cooktop uses infrared radiation that quicky heats the surface and cooks food evenly. It comes with 3 pre-set cooking modes and a smooth touch panel display for easy operations. The heat resistant 4 mm crystal glass can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

This cooktop is also highly versatile and is compatible with all types of cookware including stainless steel, cast iron, glass, ceramic and even earthen pots etc. It also features auto pan detection sensor that automatically switches on cooktop when cookware is placed. Your family’s safety is our top priority, it comes with various safety features like automatic shut-off, overheat protection and high/ low voltage protection. It is the perfect addition to your kitchen to make your cooking process efficient and quick.


Courtesy of being a versatile cooking solution, the Blue Eagle 2000 W Infrared Induction Cooktop allows you to experiment with various cooking styles effortlessly. From quick stir-fries to slow-cooked soups and from simmering delicate sauces to searing succulent steaks, this induction cooktop’s precise temperature control ensures consistent results every time. Thus, you can prepare a delicious BBQ feast indoors on a rainy day, or make a heartwarming soup to warm up your loved ones on a chilly evening.

7. Butterfly Rapid Plus Induction Cooktop

Preparing different meals for your family is now easy with the Butterfly Rapid Plus Induction Cooktop. Sporting a compact size and an elegant look, it takes up less space on the countertop and adds a smart touch to the decor. This appliance is built with a high-quality A-grade plate that can resist high temperatures, thereby making it durable. And, you can effortlessly clean its cooking plate after every use. Moreover, this induction cooktop’s flame-free operation makes it safe to use, quick, and non-hazardous to the environment.


This induction cooktop is equipped with an A-grade and high-quality plate that is resistant to high temperatures, which makes it durable. Also, you can clean the plate without any hassles. Furthermore, thanks to its flame-free operation, this appliance is safe to use, quick to heat, and non-hazardous to the environment.

Thanks to its compact size and elegant look, the portable Butterfly Rapid Plus Induction Cooktop takes up less space on your kitchen counter and adds appeal to the decor.

8. USHA CJ1600WPC Induction Cooktop

You can fulfil your daily cooking requirements with the Usha Cook CJ1600WPC Induction Cooktop. Boasting Keep Warm function, this induction cooktop ensures that your food remains warm for an extended period of time after cooking. In addition, courtesy of its 1600 W induction coil, this induction cooktop delivers rapid and efficient performance. Moreover, this induction cooktop features a Pause function so you can prepare tasty meals at your own pace.


Built with up to 1600 W induction coil, this induction cooktop ensures efficient and quick performance. Sporting a Pause function, this induction cooktop lets you cook tasty meals at your own pace. Thanks to its auto switch to power-saving mode, this induction cooker prevents overheating and saves energy. Integrated with Pan Sensor technology, this induction cooker can only operate when cookware is placed on it.

9. Pigeon RAPIDO SLEEK Induction Cooktop

This cooktop is made of premium quality glass with black glass finish which looks extremely elegant. This multi-functional cooktop features timer and temperature settings. It also features LED display that provides all the relevant information and looks elegant. With highly efficient heating coil, this cooktop proves to be high on utility and low on cost. For enhanced safety and convenience, this induction cooktop features self-checking mechanism which displays error code on LED display. Other features include multi-functional pre-sets for pressure cooker, saute, currey, boil, heating milk, dosa, chapati, deep fry and idli


Preset Function

Integrated with up to eight preset cooking menu controls, the Pigeon Sleek 2100 W Induction Cooktop allows you to cook with ease. So, you can prepare certain dishes in a jiffy without any hassles.

LED Display

Thanks to the LED display, it is easy to see and adjust the setting and heat on this induction cooktop.

Automatic Shut-off Feature

Owing to its automatic shut-off feature and cool-touch body, this cooktop ensures utmost safety during operation.

10. iBELL 20YO, 2000W Auto Shut Off Induction Cooktop

You can quickly make a variety of dishes with the iBell Induction Cooktop. With its high-quality crystal glass, this induction cooktop adds an aesthetic touch to your kitchen. Boasting a touch-button control panel, this induction cooktop ensures ease of operation. Thanks to its wide voltage adaptability and multifunctions, this induction cooktop delivers exceptional performance. And, owing to its overheating protection and auto shut-off features, this induction cooktop ensures optimal safety.


Crystal Glass Top

As the top of the iBell Induction Cooktop is built using high-quality crystal glass, it lends your kitchen an elegant look.

Safety Features

Courtesy of its adaptability to a wide voltage range, automatic shut-off, and overheating protection, this induction cooktop offers utmost safety.

Wide Cooking Range

Owing to its multiple presets, this induction cooktop enables you to quickly and easily make your favourite dishes.

Touch-button Controls

Featuring a touch control panel that boasts light-operation buttons, this induction cooktop allows you to operate it with ease.

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