Tata Premium Tea Pouch – 1kg Lowest Deal

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Tata Premium Tea Pouch – 1kg Lowest Deal

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  • SCCA
  • Tata Tea Premium, India Ke Liye Anokha Swad
  • Desh ki Chai: Tata Tea Premium has a unique taste that chai lovers across India will enjoy
  • Unforgettable Cup: Relish the exquisite taste of the ‘Chai’ crafted for India
  • Unique Blend: Indulge in a unique blend crafted by Tea experts
  • Fun Tea Breaks: Make your tea breaks interesting with a sip of your favourite tea
  • Also Try: Available in Leaf, Dust and Tea Bag formats
    Powder Form
  • Pouch Container

    ‘Chai’ is more than a cup of tea; rather it is an integral part of the culture and life of every Indian. While drinking chai is enjoyed across the country, the way people like their cup in India varies across regions. Tata Tea Premium- Desh ki Chai, sourced solely from India, understands these varying taste preferences and hence our tea experts have crafted a unique blend that ‘chai’ lovers across India will enjoy. Blended since 1985. Storage Instructions: Once opened, transfer the contents into an airtight container and keep the lid tightly closed after each use.

An essential aspect of the life and culture of almost every Indian household, a cup of ‘chai’ is one of the staple beverages of the country. Sourced solely from India’s tea plantations, Tata Premium Tea Pouch offers a unique blend that is specially curated for all the ‘chai’ lovers across the country.

Desh ki Chai

The Tata Premium Tea Pouch is made using a delightful blend of taste and aroma that almost all the tea lovers across India can enjoy.

An Unforgettable Taste

With Tata Premium Tea Pouch, you can enjoy the exquisite taste of premium tea that is uniquely crafted for the tea aficionados of India.

A Unique Blend

Crafted by the experts, the Tata Premium Tea Pouch is prepared using a unique blend that lets you experience and enjoy a delightful cup of tea every time.

Enjoyable Tea Breaks

Whether you are starting your day, taking a break from work, or having a conversation with friends or family, Tata Premium Tea Pouch can make your regular tea breaks refreshing, interesting, and enjoyable.

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